Grizzly Vibrating Feeder

Steel scrabs primary separation

A new successfully high resistance grizzly vibrating feeder installation in Spain for Vibroprocess.

The vibro feeder has been installed in a car scrap crashing plant with the scope of receiving the product directly from scrap grapples and convey it through vibration.

Grizzly Vibrating Feeder

In the intermediate part of the vibrating machine, a screening section complete of steel bars with longitudinal apertures has been installed, in order to separate the small fraction less than 50mm.

In order to achieve the best resistance performance and reliability, the Vibroprocess heavy-duty design stands out because it’s characterized by the maximum use of rivets and bolts assembling and the minimal use of weldings.

The vibro feeder is driven by unidirectional force mechanical exciter, directly connected with the electric motor by means of cardan shaft, in order to withstand the mechanical stress caused by the heavy scrap grapples charging.

Thanks to the unidirectional force exciter system, the grizzly vibrating feeder never loses the unbalanced weight synchronization in any charging condition.

The vibrating machine is completed of liners in HB500 abrasion-resistance steel with the thickness of 20mm.

Grizzly Vibrating Feeder 2

The magnetic product smaller than 50 mm, screened by the steel bars of the grizzly vibrating feeder, can be later recover with the magnetic drum.

Today, it is very important to obtain clean scraps in order to optimize the following process.

Vibroprocess has established many long-time successfully cooperation with the world leader companies working in the recycling field, together with the crusher and magnetic drum manufacturers, installing our vibrating application worldwide.