Thanks to the its know-how, Vibroprocess can meet the requirements of several applications for conveying and processing materials for electric and coal power stations, incinerators and alternative fuels.

An ever-growing market, together with the recycling sector, in which research and innovation underwent significant improvement, in an age in which waste recycling has become an absolute necessity.
In order to develop the plants in this field, collaboration with the customer is essential.

Our vibrating conveyors for this field

Electromechanical vibrating screens
Electromagnetic vibrating screens
Vibrating dosing feeders
Resonance conveyors

Our industrial drying / cooling equipment for this field

Fluidized bed vibratory dryers
Fluidized bed vibratory coolers

Continuous research and innovation

A field in continuous evolution that requires new ideas aimed towards the future.

Our experience is for

Vibratory feeders – Vibratory screens – Vibratory conveyors – Vibratory dosing feeders – Vibratory coolers / vibratory dryers

vibrating resonance conveyor

Resonance Vibratory conveyor

The resonance vibratory conveyors stand out for the heavy duty design and the high degree of isolation. They can be used in many different applications.
They can be up to 30 mt long with a width of 2.6 mt. The capacity can be up to 30 ton / h.
The flat linear motion is generated by the eccentric drive and it gives a very gentle vibration thus avoiding damages to the product and allowing best product distribution on the trough of the feeder.

vibrating discharging feeder

Vibratory feeder with unbalance motors

It is installed under silos and it can reach also very high capacity. The equipment can also be supplied for hazardous area with explosion proof unbalance motors.
This specific model is self suspended with cable at the outlet side. It is equipped with static chute and manual gate in order to adjust the flow of the product inside the vibratory feeder.

banana vibrating screen

Banana screen

It is used for small coal particle sizes screening where the moisture content is high.
This particular banana screen is 3400×10800 mm dimension with 1 screen deck and designed for 800 ton / hour capacity.

circular motion vibrating screen

Double deck rotational screen

It is used to separate the products in different particle sizes.
It is equipped with piping and nozzles in order to carry out the washing.
Dimensions are 1900x6000mm for a capacity of 250 ton / hour.

linear motion vibrating screen

Single deck linear screen

It equipped with polyurethane screening deck for dewatering processing.
Dimensions are 1500×5000 mm for a capacity of 250 ton / hour.

vibrating screen

Vibratory screen for ash

It is used for the screening of ash generated by combustion of dross.

vibrating discharging feeder

Vibratory feeders with unidirectional exciters

This heavy duty design feeder is completely assembled by bolts, it receives coal from silos and feeds a belt conveyor.
This feeder is equipped with static chute and bars gate in order to decrease the impact of bulk coal on the trough feeder

vibrating feeder

Group of vibratory equipment with bars deck

They have been designed for the conveying and separation of dross. Dimensions are 1800×15000 mm for a capacity of 8 ton/hour.

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