Drying and cooling

…and many others challenges inside the process plant are carried out by Vibroprocess vibratory equipment thanks to its technology for the treatment of bulky products.

We have been continuously trying to grow our competence in order to satisfy the market with always new solutions.
We supply the most important industries from South African, Brazilian mines to European and Asian steel plants. Our Vibratory equipment are utilized for the simplest up to the most challenging continuous processes where the handled products have 1000°C temperature.

Our brand has always been synonymous with quality, safety and above all profitability.

Vibroprocess is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and therefore guarantees care for customer satisfaction, continuous development and improvement of company performance.

Vibroprocess branding is recognized as synonymous of quality, reliability and profitability in the chemical, food, lime, cement, foundry and steel industries. The criteria of our design is based on utilization of bolts and riveting for parts assembling thus to minimize the utilization of welding.

This special feature ensures the highest strength and long life expectancy to our vibratory equipment.

The continuous research and development make Vibroprocess the market leader in the field of vibration.

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