Vibroprocess has created and installed vibratory equipment worldwide in the most important chemical, pharmaceutical and food factories.
Bulk products are processed using vibrations allowing a complete set of core applications. Extraction, dosing, screening and direct and indirect heat treatment are just some of the applications that make our experience a guaranteed success in modern industrial processes.

Vibratory equipment for salt industry
Vibroprocess is the leading company in the development of plants for drying, screening and conveying sea salt, recrystallized and rock salt.
We boast 30 years of experience in the sea salt industry. The quality of our products and the customer support service offered by our company made us leaders in this field.
On request, we also offer complete handling and storage plants. Please see a video of the entire process in an important company in South Italy by clicking the link below


Our vibrating screens for this field

Inclined screens
Horizontal screens
Resonance horizontal screens

Our vibrating conveyors for this field

Vibrating screens
Vibrating dosing feeders
Vibrating calibrators

Our industrial drying / cooling equipment for this field

Fluidized bed vibrating dryers
Fluidized bed vibrating coolers


The equipment in this field is made partially or completely of STAINLESS steel, depending on the features of the product to be processed.

Vibroprocess has experience
for following products

PET plastic – Fibres – Detergents – Dyes – Additives – Powder fertilizers

Food industry

Sugar – Sea Salt – Rock Salt – Recrystallized Salt – Flowers – Cereals – Corn – Candies – Cacao – Cherries – Grapes

vibrating dryer and vibrating screen

Screening and drying plant for powder milk

The entire process of drying and screening is carried out without any impact to the molecular structure of the product.

vibrating spiral elevator

Vibratory Spiral Elevator

This type of equipment is used to cool chemical products from 120° C down to 20°C. Spiral are realized in Stainless steel material and incorporate a special design with hollow space underneath the trough for cold water passage which helps the product cooling.

vibrating spiral elevator

Chips are separated before being fried

Short size chips are discarded thanks to the vibrating screen; the vibratory spiral elevator has the meaning to convey and wash chips in order to remove the starch.

bars vibrating screen

Bars vibratory screen

It has been realized for the candies separation for one important confectionery industry.

pipe vibrating feeder

Stainless steel Pipe vibratory feeder for powder product

These are the ideal solution for feeding, dosing, extracting product such as cereals, corn, chemical powder, detergents, etc.

closed inclined vibroscreen

Closed inclined screen with 2 selection decks

This screen allows perfect separation of salt and can be equipped with self-cleaning screening mesh.

vibrating dryer and vibrating screen

Complete system for screening and drying of sea salt

fluidized bed vibrating dryer

Fluidized bed vibratory dryer for 15 ton / hour capacity

open inclined vibroscreen

Open inclined screen with 2 selection decks

This screen receives the salt from a screw conveyor and salt is then separated by particle size.
The screen is realized in stainless steel and it combines simplicity and efficiency

electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Stainless Steel Electromagnetic feeders

These small size equipment are able to feed and dose with bulky product with very high possibility of tuning. The product velocity can adjusted according to customer requirements.

vibrating dosing feeders

Additives dosing plant for glass industry

Vibroprocess can offer complete system for feeding , dosing and weighting for glass industry.

pellets vibrating screen

Pellets Vibratory Screen

This is a linear motion vibratory screens used for plastic and nylon pellets.

vibrating dryer

Salt Drying plant with 8 ton / hour capacity

salt vibrating screen

Salt screening plant with 4 off horizontal resonance screen with dimension 1000 x 18500 mm / each

Each horizontal screen can screen 20 ton / hour of 3 different salt particle sizes.

linear motion vibrating screen

Horizontal resonance screen with 15 ton / hour capacity

The main characteristics of such a screen is given by simple design and incorporates easy solution for cleaning and replacement of screen decks.

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