Thanks to the its know-how, Vibroprocess can meet the requirements of several applications for conveying and processing materials for electric and coal power stations, incinerators and alternative fuels.

An ever-growing market, together with the recycling sector, in which research and innovation underwent significant improvement, in an age in which waste recycling has become an absolute necessity.
In order to develop the plants in this field, collaboration with the customer is essential.

Our vibrating conveyors for this field

Electromechanical vibrating screens
Electromagnetic vibrating screens
Vibrating dosing feeders
Resonance conveyors

Our industrial drying / cooling equipment for this field

Fluidized bed vibratory dryers
Fluidized bed vibratory coolers

Continuous research and innovation

A field in continuous evolution that requires new ideas aimed towards the future.

Our experience is for

Vibratory feeders – Vibratory screens – Vibratory conveyors – Vibratory dosing feeders – Vibratory coolers / vibratory dryers

Vibrovaglio lineare per scorie

Linear motion vibrating screen for slag

Single deck linear motion electromechanical vibroscreen 1350×4500 mm. The vibrating screen perform separating the product into two fractions. The fine fraction, coming from the screening deck, is conveyed below through the co-oscillating bolted static hopper.


Electromechanical vibrating discharging feeder

Vibroprocess vibro feeders are used to discharge products from the storage silos. The vibrating discharging feeder are driven by the means of unbalanced electric motors. The motors can be supplied for explosion proof execution in order to be installed in hazard areas.

Estrattore vibrante meccanico

Mechanical vibrating discharging feeder

Heavy duty mechanical vibro feeder 2200×3200 mm. The vibrating feeder discharge the coal from the storage bin, continuously feeding the belt conveyor. The discharging package has been completed with related static chute, manual slide gate and needle gate for flow rate partialization.

Vibrovaglio per ceneri calde

Vibrating screen for hot ashes

Single deck electromechanical linear motion vibro screen 1000×2400 mm. This vibrating screen is designed for separate the hot ashes into two grain sizes. This vibrating machine is completed of unbalanced electric motors placed above the screening deck.

Vibrovaglio lineare con un piano di selezione

Linear motion vibrating screen

Single deck mechanical linear motion vibro screen 1600×5000 mm complete of fast replacement polyurethane modular panels selection deck. The vibrating screen is driven by two unidirectional force exciters placed above the deck.

Trasportatore a risonanza per ceneri

Resonance feeder for ashes

Resonance conveyor 850x5500mm complete with eccentric drive. This machine can convey products for long distances in the plant, handling very abrasive and hot materials.

Resonance conveyors

Resonance conveyors

Vibrating resonance conveyors with screening bars 1800×15000 mm complete of bolted abrasion-resistant steel liners. These machines are designed to convey slags and screen out foreign travellers from the process.

circular motion vibrating screen

Whasing vibrating screen

Rotational motion single deck vibro screen 1900×6000 mm complete of water addiction system. The vibrating screen is designed for washing and for cool down the temperature of hot products. The selection deck and the water spray system are made of polyurethane.

banana vibrating screen

Banana vibrating screen

Single deck mechanical banana vibro screen 3400×10800 mm with 800 t/h of feed rate. This vibrating screen is designed to screen out coal with high percentage of fine particles.

Resonance conveyor

Resonance conveyor

Long way resonance conveyor 850×9000 mm complete of high isolation frame filled with concrete. Those machines have multiple application, conveying different products thought vibration. The resonance conveyors can reach the length of 30 m and the width 2.60 m with one machine.

Vibrating screen for shredded tyres

Vibrating screen for shredded tyres

Mechanical rotational motion vibro screen 1500×5500 mm for shredded tyres. The vibrating screen divide product into two fraction bigger and smaller 40 mm. The fraction smaller than 40 mm will be used for energy production, completing the waste to energy cycle.


Vibrating screen for waste

Single deck linear motion electromechanical vibro screen 800×2500 mm. This vibrating screen is designed for separate the waste with different grain size.

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