Vibroprocess & Andromat synergy

New shakeout and vibrating feeders line installation completed by Andromat manipulators.

Vibroprocess in cooperation with Andromat, world leader in the field of foundry manipulators, successfully installed a new complete line for the green sand and casting separation in one of the major Turkish foundries.

Our scope of supply included nr. 2 Vario shakeout installed in line, nr. 1 sand and castings vibrating feeder installed at 90° and nr. 1 resonance vibrating feeder with a length of 20 mt. The line has been completed with the installation of nr. 2 Andromat manipulators type AMX60 T5, suitable for castings pick up directly from the shakeout.


The meaning of the first manipulator is a breaking sprues operation. The second manipulator, consequently, pick up the delicate castings removing them from the process. The remaining castings can be removed by manipulators while travelling on the resonance vibrating feeder. At the output of the process, we can find just the sand and some steel scraps.

The handled castings in cast iron are cylinder blocks, gearboxes and tractors castings.

Through the Vario automation of our foundry shakeout, we can control the vibration force angle and the vibration frequency of the machine. Thanks to the Vario automation system we can handle all type of castings, obtaining the best sand-casting separation.

The Vibroprocess foundry equipment is designed for heavy duty operation, obtained by parts bolts assembling and minimal use of welding, allowing an easy maintenance and a fast substitution of wearing parts.