New Vibrofeeder for PE/PP plastic bottles

Vibroprocess Vibrofeeder SRC 2700×7500 mm

A new goal has been achieved by Vibroprocess.The largest SRC vibratory feeder for the recycling field has been designed, manufactured and recently tested. This equipment will be installed in one of most important spanish recycling process plant for the PE/PP plastic bottles feeding and deferrization.

trasportatori vibranti - vibroprocess

The SRC range of feeder are often utilized in foundry shops for havey duty operation in very high temperature and enviroment. The special design is charachterized by double frame structure and Huck bolt parts assembling.

This particular SRC 2700×7500 mm has been realized with haigh density Polyethylene liners and it is driven by two directional exciters with oil lubrification. .

trasportatore vibrante - vibroprocess