New VARIO SIMPLEX electronically controlled discharging shakeout

The “Vario Simplex” represents the latest innovation for Discharging Shakeout which gives to the modern foundry shops more profitability thanks to this multifunctional equipment.

Vario Simplex” has been developed by Vibroprocess and gives a very high efficiency for the castings and sand separation with an impressive advantage in terms of cost if compared to previous PLC controlled Vario range.

It has been developed in order to minimize the capital investment of foundries while obtaining, at the same time, all the advantages of the Vario shakeout. Thanks to “Vario Simplex“, the frequency and the angle of line of force is automatically adjusted by “Simplex Drive” according to casting program and customer requirements.

The “Vario Simplex” stands out for the user friendly operation: different recipe can be automatically recall (signal from moulding line) or manually inserted by operator. The equipment can electronicall vary parameters such as vibration frequency and product velocity according to castings characteristics.

The “Vario Simplex” grants the best sand lamps disintegration and minimal damages to castings.

Thanks to the so called “Micro Amplitude”, high frequency and possibility of angle of line of force variation, the impact energy between casting and grid is reduced.

“Vario Simplex” grants an impressive cost reduction thanks to the high sand disintegration and separation efficiency; having clean castings means a sensible reduction of cooling time with subsequent energy saving and better efficiency during shot blasting..

The Electronic Cubicle of “Vario Simplex” is supplied with Internet Plug so that Vibroprocess can assist customers from Italian office in remote. This allows to perform all necessary adjusting, controls, resetting in a very short time with minimal cost for the customer. As optional, the shakeout can be supplied with videocam for continuous monitoring.

The “Vario Simplex” is equipped with special customized grids which are always selected by matching the casting typology and the Vibroprocess experience.