Recycling Industry

This field is constantly growing due to the new approach which tends to reward the waste treatment in order to achieve low energy consumption and better environmental conditions. Vibroprocess has developed new solution for the recycling industry for several years now.

Vibroprocess offers a wide range of equipment for the recycling industry which represents the ideal solution for conveying, screening, cleaning, dosing, cooling and drying. Vibroprocess equipment has been designed to match the need to separate and recycle by particle size different type of waste products; our equipment is also suitable for many applications in which is essential to separate liquid and solid parts.

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Our vibrating conveyors for this field

  • Electromechanical vibrating screens
  • Electromagnetic vibrating screens
  • Vibrating dosing feeders
  • Resonance conveyors
  • Conveyor with iron separator
  • Vibrating channels

Our industrial drying / cooling equipment for this field

  • Fluidized bed vibratory dryers
  • Fluidized bed vibratory coolers

Our vibrating screens for this field


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The best solutions at competitive prices

  • Heavy-duty design, reliability and reduced maintenance are the main concepts of Vibroprocess vibrating equipment
  • all the equipment grant safe operation, maximum performance, and low operation costs.

Our experience is for

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Tires
  • Aggregates from demolition
  • Ash from combustion
  • Ferrous and non ferrous scraps
  • Compost
  • RSU
  • PET
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    Vibratory screen for RSU

    This vibratory screen separates plastic bags from oversize products of different nature. The separation is obtain thanks to the bars screen deck and the screen is driven by rotational exciters and has an inclination in order to avoid.

    Vibratory feeder for exhausted batteries

    The vibratory equipment extracts the product from silos and feeds a belt conveyor which delivers the product to the crusher.

    Screening plant for shredded tires

    Old tires are shredded by special equipment and thanks to the vibratory equipment magnetic separator we can obtain separation between rubber and metallic particles and separation of the different sizes of rubber.

    Closed vibratory screen for rubber

    The shredded rubber is separated by metallic particles through aspiration system.

    Screening plant for used PET bottles

    Pet bottles, coming from recycling, are processed by vibratory screen which eliminates impurity and plastic caps.

    Vibratory screen for plastic materials

    The vibratory screen is used in the modern recycling plant and allows to perform different processes such as separation, feeding, magnetic separation and, some time, manual sorting by specialized operators.

    Double deck screen for shredded tires

    The ideal equipment for the separation of different grain size rubber.

    Plant for extraction, feeding and crushing

    This photo shows a feeder underneath silos which deliver the product to the screen so that the product can be separated before the shredder.

    Vibratory feeder with magnetic separator

    This application allows the separation of bulky product and ferrous parts. The outlet of the vibratory feeder is realized in stainless steel in order allow the installation of the magnetic belt or drum separator.